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The Meadows are Thriving

These days, outdoor pursuits are often taken to the max. Hiking the Appalachian Trail for six months. Summiting Everest. Week-long whitewater rafting adventures. At least this is true if your eyes scroll the social feeds with any frequency.

What if we took ‘the scroll’ to the trail? Walk a few feet, then a few more. Perhaps strolling instead of scrolling? John Muir once said, “the mountains are calling and I must go.” He was also a proponent of leisurely nature walks, taking time to observe your surroundings as you meander. With that in mind, this year I'm determined not to miss the thriving summer meadows filled with milkweed and thistle, and native plants taller than me.

The Summer Solstice has given us the peak hours of daylight we’ll see until next year. Now is the time to visit the meadows of Harpeth River State Park to see what you may find. I'll visit the paths at the Gossett Tract and Hidden Lake over the coming week with hopes of finding images like the ones below from previous years' walks.

What is your favorite moment visiting Harpeth River State Park?

What do you hope to see?

We hope you'll share here in the comments. Or, take a scroll to our Facebook or Instagram to share your experience.

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